Advice From Icebergs

They say a lot without saying it.

I recently went to Antarctica on a gorgeous adventure.

We had one lucky day of perfect conditions in a place coined “Iceberg Cemetery”.

Below you will find portraits of Icebergs I captured and my thoughts of what they were sharing with me in the moment.

This was the first iceberg to spot before landing.

It greeted us with anxiousness as it knew what was ahead — beauty that we couldn’t imagine.

I was reminded of the awesome feeling you get when you are the proud host of an amazing gathering.

Next I met a friendly neighbor.

This iceberg made sure that I recognized the beauty of independence. It was a wise character that was wondering alone in thought and appreciation.

“Go on” it said.

“You must navigate to see where others of my kind gather for their place of rest. You have much to admire and learn from them”

On the way to Iceberg Cemetery, other icebergs would wave from the distance.

You know that moment when a stranger acknowledges you while you are passing by? It often turns a foreign place into somewhere familiar and brings about comfort.

It is important to acknowledge strangers — it helps them become more present.

The entrance to Iceberg Cemetery.

From this point on, I would navigate this majestic meeting place speechless.

In long observations, taking in advice from the most convincing of characters.

Find your home in simple imagination. The thoughts that create a cradle in your mind are the same thoughts that can cradle your actual emotions.

Don’t get lost in the immediate external. Learn to appreciate the root, foundation, and core of what is not first presented to your senses.

Embrace your difference among others.

Don’t fight against the flow too much. Sometimes letting it naturally take shape makes it feel like perfection in the end.

Unexpected visitors are one of life’s greatest gifts. They take shape in many forms, interact in different ways, and can make all the difference.

Don’t rush and learn to accept that time is a vital element of creativity.

Always be mindful of the details.

Discovering new things about yourself is exciting. Treasures await you when exploring new corners on a daily basis.

You are the only source of your happiness. In the center of you lies an intrinsic ability to create bliss.

There will be challenging moments. Treat them with acceptance and see what you can do to ignite the beginnings of a great story.

When the challenge is over, you will have a moment of reflection which reminds you of how beautiful it was.

Be silent. It is ok if you have no words.

There are massive characters that live among us. You have that same level of potential and impact.

A transparent society is a healthy society.

If you step back and simply think about it, we are all in this together.

I wish you all a potential trip to the white continent.

I look forward to sharing more of what I filmed/photographed on my journey.