Travel Narrative
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Travel Narrative


Bikes, beef and a world well beyond my own

The land very far far away was, unbelievably, just around the corner from here.
The mythical Bottle Tree. I sure was a long way from Kansas, Toto!
Other people being helpful in the stock yards. I was taking photos, obviously.
The first introduction to my bike. No-one expected it turn out well — least of all me
Mum being Meryl
Thelma and Louise
By this stage I’d learnt my limits and instead parked my bike and stood in the corner of the paddock waving my arms about. And it worked! (that time)
At Jennie’s Trough with “my bike”
Sun setting on the valley



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Jennie Short

British Passport, Spanish Soul, Wannabe Aussie Jillaroo. Admirer of genius and generosity.