My Top 6 Attractions in New York.

Here goes my third post on New York, My husband and I visited New York for our Honeymoon in January. During the 9 days, we walked down as many streets as we passed and tasted every bagel flavor with all the different topping imaginable. As most tourists do, we went prepared with a bucket list, with Central Park and the Empire State Building right at the top.

  1. Broadway

Broadway runs almost the length of Manhattan. It will lead you from downtown to Time Square and beyond. It is littered with quirky shops and cafes.

Do yourself a favor put on your comfiest sneakers and start Downtown Manhattan outside the 911 memorial, walk through Little Italy, Little China, Noho, Soho ….until you reach Time Square.

I have always found that walking is the best way to explore and familiarize with a new city, needless to say, I get lost a lot!

To see my detailed post on Broadway and Time Square, click here

2. Time Square — Red Steps

Time Square is what you imagine it to be, a hive of activity, street artists, blindingly bright lights and loads of yellow cabs. There are red steps right in the middle of it all, it is a great place to sit and take in the experience. Time Square is great at night but I loved seeing it in the morning. The lights are just as bright but the streets are quiet.

It is beautiful and surreal.

If you are looking to watch a Broadway show and want bargain tickets, albeit far viewing seats. The guys standing around the red steps will sell you those tickets.

3. Empire State Building

The Empire State Building did not stand out as I had expected, walking on the streets you are always in the shadow of another tall building.

We made our way down to the entrance where we were greeted by friendly doormen dressed from head to toe in red suits and cute little hats.

As you enter you feel like you are staring in a 1920’s film, from the decor to the outfits, everything is in theme. You are soon ushered up a wooden escalator that is barely wide enough for one person. From there on you make your way through windy corridors and elevators to reach the first viewing deck on the 82nd floor.

We had bought a 3 day Red Bus tour ticket and as a bonus we each got a free ticket for the 82nd floor.

The elevator climbs flights so fast that it counts floors in intervals of 10. This was amazing to me (dork, right?) So in true tourist spirit I attempted to record the speed of the changing floors when suddenly my fully charged camera was not so fully charged anymore. I am now in an elevator climbing 80 something floors to admire the view and take photos and I have a dead camera!!!

I let the camera rest, send some kind words and by the time we had walked the perimeter I switched it back on to steal a few amazing shots to take home with me.

Say Hello to New York

4. Rockefeller and St Paul Cathedral

On our last night, we were adamant to find the Rockefeller center, we had in the past couple days managed to miss it every time. Late that night after a bite to eat at Chipotle in Time Square we ventured out to Rockefeller, once we saw Radio City we knew we were headed in the right direction.

Radio City Music Hall Radiating

We first stumbled upon the ice rink, it was beautiful, the walkway was littered with flags flying proud and a bright Lego store at the end.

The water feature running down the center of the building was nothing I had seen before. We moved on to walk around the outskirts of the building complex and found the mythical Greek God Prometheus Standing in all his glory.

We were both so distracted by the statue that once we turned around we saw the awe-inspiring Saint Paul Cathedral. It is a shame we didn’t get to see it in the day.

Among the concrete jungle, cars and street lights a glorious building stands to remind us of yesteryear’s medieval architecture.

5. The High Line

This 2.3 km’s of previous rail tracks turned scenic park, was a must on my list. We switched on Google Maps at the hotel to get the directions to the High Line, took a screen shot of the map and made our way by foot.

This was such a unique experience, the High Line is quite some distance from the busy Broadway street.

We arrived at the High Line around 5 pm when the sun was setting, it was cold and getting dark, very few people were around and most were locals. The High Line in some section were between apartment blocks and offices, other sections where open, one side looking onto Manhattan streets and the other side overlooking the Hudson River.

Buildings Surrounding the Highline and a vie of the Hudson River

6. Central Park

The word ethereal comes to mind as you meander through the gardens and rocky landscape. A couple days after it had snowed we took a leisurely walk through the Park, the ground was covered in snow and the lakes were frozen.

Central Park

With limited days left and many items still to tick off, we only walked about half the distance of the Park. I could easily spend a day walking around and still not see everything. There are benches scattered all over the park, clean public bathrooms, and a Castle! The Belvedere Castle. Interesting fact: The weather report for central New York is taken from their every morning.

If you walk to the top of the castle you are able to overlook the greens and the amphitheater, where Shakespeare in the Park is held in the Summers.

The park is a harmonious space within busy Manhattan, the park is surrounded by high-rise apartments blocks and gorgeous museums. When standing on the Empire State Building you are able to see the rolling greens and bushy trees, New York would not be New York if there was no Central Park.

Central Park in Wnter