Lake Garda

Lake Garda, Italy

Roller Coasters, Birdwatching & Views of the Dolomites

I hope you enjoy my blog recounting the places I visited and the things I did on my last trip!

Lake Garda, situated near one of the most important cities in northern Italy, Verone, gives you a bunch of magical emotions and adventures. You can enjoy loads of marvellous views and visit numerous mini-towns situated just off its shores. You can also participate in a variety of activities such as birdwatching, windsurfing or even tours by the lake, surrounded by the Dolomites (they look like an artistic, albeit natural, shield for the lake). For the adrenaline junkies amongst us, fear not! Near the lake you’ll find one of Italy’s most renowned theme parks, called Gardaland. You are bound to have fun! I can vouch that you will have a whale of a time, as I certainly did!

I’d suggest getting to Verone by plane. You’ll arrive at Valerio Catullo’s airport in Villafranca di Verona, which is 15 minutes from Verone’s city centre by car or 20 minutes by bus. To reach the lake you have 3 options: car, bus or train.

There are lots of hotels to accommodate for all types of travellers and budgets. You can find hotels ranging from 3 stars to 5 stars, B&B’s or even camp at a number of certified campsites. Most travellers like to stay in the hotels located in Riva del Garda, Desenzano del Garda, Bardolino or Peschiera del Garda, as these places are all situated on the shores of the lake.

Why not also visit Valeggio sul Mincio: a small but beautiful village, with lots of noteworthy monuments, parks, castles and churches to charm you. Another place that definitely deserves a visit is Borghetto — a place full of both nature and art. And lastly, Parco Sigurtà has so much to offer. This park will leave you lost for words! It’s full of enchanting nature and colourful, unique flowers. If you go to Valeggio, it’d be a sin not to stop here! Whilst entry isn’t free, your money will be well spent. Here are the prices and timetable:

Prices: kids (0–4years) free; kids (5–15years) €6,50; adults €12,50; 65+ €10,00.

NB: There are different types of passes but these are the basic ones.

Timetable: Open everyday from 09.00–19.00.

I hope my blog proves useful and that you have a nice trip!

Guest blog by Michael

Editor — Seb Harris (Travel Simply)