Travel Simply & Virgin — VOOM 2018

Travel Simply is a travel experience agency designed for millennials to experience local culture at its best through curated guides

Our story is inspired by amazing travel destinations. You can check it out :

Having experienced first hand the painpoints of booking a holiday and the whole journey going wrong, the team has a unified purpose to help people find the best holiday experiences without searching for thousands of trip reviews on tripadvisor. At Travel Simply, we challenge the way travel agencies book travel using our design driven expertise to simplify the user experience of planning a holiday and offering more value for the millenial traveller.

Venice Sunset Views

Here is why we do it.

Travelling comes with alot of planning, with that alot of stress and the average person takes 10 hours to plan their journey. Information is everywhere but choosing the right content and making the right choices for each person is different. Creating the best experience possible at the first time is the key and personalising the experience. We want to land the perfect personal holiday experience for every one of our customers.

British Museum London UK

We are focused on inspiring travellers to go on holiday and enabling travelers the opportunity to fly, cruise and sleep. Our goal is to inspire others to travel more often and provide the perfect customer experience with other travel communities. No matter the age, we want everyone in the family to experience the best holiday, from children to the elderly we have something fun for everybody to enjoy.

Exploring in Camden, London UK

That is why we have also entered for the VOOM 2018 pitch competition in the hope of partnering with Virgin and Richard Branson. We have spent time refining our product in order to provide real value for travellers and recently launched our website. We would appreciate if you guys can help us out by sharing, liking and signing up to part of our community, so that we can get a little bit of exposure and most importantly your approval! All we need is your help with spreading the word…

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