BADAMI is famous for its sandstone cave temples. Badami has 4 cave temples and are dedicated to different dharmas. Cave 1 is devoted to Shiva, and Caves 2 and 3 are dedicated to Vishnu, whereas cave 4 displays reliefs of Jain Tirthankaras. Badami is 160km from Hampi. Aihole and Pattadakkal are close to Badami and you can cover all these three places in one day.

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The Badami cave temples are composed of four caves, all carved out of the soft Badami sandstone on a hill cliff in the late 6th to 7th centuries.
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The temple caves represent different religious sects. Among them, two (cave 2 and 3) are dedicated to god Vishnu, one to god Shiva (cave 1) and the fourth (cave 4) is a Jain temple. The first three are devoted to the Vedic faith and the fourth cave is the only Jain temple at Badami.
18-armed Nataraja, striking 81 dance poses, in the first cave.
Vamana stepping over bali — @Badami Cave Temple
Vishnu seated over Vasuki — @Badami Cave Temple
Varaha carrying Bhudevi- @Badami Cave Temple
Jain Temple (4th one)
Jain temple — @Badami Cave Temple
Jain temple — @Badami Cave Temple
Overlooking the caves is the Agastya Theertha Tank, its banks dotted with a cluster of Bhoothanatha temples. 
A view from Badami Cave Temples.
A view of Badami Cave Temples from Bhoothanatha temple
Bhutanatha temple facing the Agasthya Tank
Bhoothanatha temple -Badami
Bhoothanatha temple -Badami
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