Nandi Hills & Village

Nandi Hills is 22Kms off NH-7, between Bangalore & Chikballapur(~60km from Bangalore). Start from Bangalore around 4:30AM to see sunrise at Nandi Hills.

Clouds on earth!
Nandi temple
Yoga Nandeeshwara Temple
Nandi Hills, fort entrance
Vineyard on the way
Rose plants on the way

Going to Nandi Village to visit Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple.

We took left turn from Karahalli cross when we have gone to Nandi hills. Take right turn for going to Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple (Go straight at Karahalli cross if you are going from Nandi hills).

Mahanavami Dibba @Bhoga Nandeeshwara temple.

Bhoga Nandeeshwara temple in Nandi village is one of the oldest temples in Karnataka dating back to the ninth century.

Pancha Linga Kalyani. Nandi Hills in the background.
Pancha Linga Kalyani.
Temple chariot
Inside Bhoga Nandeeshwara temple- Ancient Dravidian style temple
The pillars also have figures of parrots carved on them. There are around 500 in number. The beauty of these pillars is that the sculpture has left not even an inch of free space in them. Along with the beautiful parrots there are creepers, animals, goddesses etc depicted on these stones.
The temple of Uma Maheshwara
All around Umamaheswara temple the marriage scenes of Shiva and parvati are depicted.
3 different temples; Arunachaleshwara, Bhoga Nandeeshwara and in between of these 2,is a smaller temple of Uma-Maheshwara.
A view from Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple- Nandi Hills in the background.
Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple