Get Addicted to Travel if you Want to

It is useless and waste of money to get intoxicated and if you really want to get addicted then try addiction of travel. Travelling is not just a thing which takes you from one place to another but it is also works like a medicine that can make your life stress free and full of happiness.

I have travelled a lot and I got many amazing experiences from my last 16 years. When I was a kid I used to collect pictures of many unique places but I was unable to go their because my family financial condition was not that much good at that time. I usually used to go to my Granny’s house which is nearest to my destination. I always dreamed about going somewhere along with my family and friends.

An Amazing Turn in My Life

When I completed my graduation I started working as an executive with leading USA airlines company where I got a high range with extra benefits too. When I got my first salary I made a plan for a trip to San Diego but I wanted to keep all my plans as secret and don’t want it to spread into my family members. I wanted to give an amazing vacation to my parents as a surprise. But there is a hurdle too and that is, I didn’t know about expenses for if someone wants to go out of town so I decided to called off my college friends because they have many experiences since their childhood to that time.

When they came to my place I offer them coffee and we sat together to make a plan for a surprise which I wanted to give to my loving parents. After few hours we done with all the things that required for any vacation but we still had a hurdle and that is getting an affordable fight tickets. We discuss a lot but we had not found any solution yet so we closed the meeting off and decided to release for the next day.

You must be thinking that everything has been a problem in my life but now am glad to tell you that on our next and last meeting, my friend “David” said that he asked to his parents for better websites for me where I can get discounted flight tickets with amazing assistance and yeah he got a solution for me. He suggest me a website from where I finally got my complete solution and be able to book Southwest Flights to San Diego.

When I came to house I told to my parents everything that we are going for a vacation to San Diego on my first salary. When they heard about that they were really happy that time. Happiness of my family is everything for me. I will tell you more about this journey in the next blog. If you like this story and curious to know more about my journey, then stay connected with me.




“Jobs can fill your pockets but not your soul”. A traveller satisfying his soul by exploring the charms of mother earth and then penning the experiences down in free time. I have travelled 43 countries till now yet a lot more to explore.

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Edward Scott

Edward Scott

Hey friends, its Edward Scott here but my family and friends call me Eddy affectionately. My hobby is singing, dancing.

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