Safe and sound in Lisbon

Hello readers,

Exactly today me and more 3 colleagues from Kaospilots Switzerland — Ane, Maja and Andreas — arrived in Lisbon, Portugal. We’re going to explore the city during 2 weeks and a half in order to dive into the local food scene. This awesome adventure is our business exam project! Couldn’t it be better?

What are inspiring places and who are the people behind the creative restaurants and the food scene in Lisbon? How does food connect people and what experiences can food create? These are some of the questions we aim to answer during our time here.

As we promised in our ongoing fundraising campaign, we’ll post weekly posts on this Medium page to keep you updated about our food tour in the Portuguese capital. A promise is a promise, and here it’s the first update!

We are 4 Kaospilots’ students working on a project for Lower East Lab, which offers Food Safaris in Berlin and Copenhagen. Our task will be to travel to Lisbon and look into how the Food Safari concept can be expanded to a new market, do reasearch and find potential partners!

Do you have any tip about Lisbon? If yes, every suggestion is heartly appreciated! And…do you have any specific curiosity about Lisbon? Why not share with us?

Below, some pictures that summarize our exploration around the neighborhood of Alcântara, where we are based and took the first step to check the local food scene.

We just arrived and our first spot to explore was LXFactory, a cool place with food and art scene!
LX Rural, that happens at LXFactory on Sundays. Pic taken by Andreas Bangerter
The preparations for Santo Antônio day starting. Festas during the whole month with sardinha and drinks!!!
An overview of the coworking space Village Underground. Pic taken by Andreas Bangerter
Surely, we went straighforward to the pastéis de nata, at Pastelaria Alcântara. Pic taken by Andreas Bangerter
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