Top things to do in Odessa by yourself

Odessa, for the closest lovers, Mama Odessa is one of my favorites places in the world. Why? Beaches, sea, sunny weather on the summer, vibrating nightlife, friendly people.

The city has museums, opera, nightclubs, all kinds of restaurants, hosts concerts. There are lots of options on what to do in Odessa. But on this post I share a simple list of things to do by yourself in Odessa, interesting tips if you love outdoors experiences and explore places by yourself.

Go to the beaches

Odessa is famous firstly for its beautiful landscapes facing the Black Sea. Arkadia Beach is very famous among tourists, but it is not the only beach. You can also go to Otrada Beach, Tabu Beach, Caleton Beach and Lanzheron Beach — all of them in the city of Odessa. Outside the city, I could check Koblevo (1h40min driving from Odessa), interesting if you like to visit places where you’re the only foreigner around.

Otrada Beach. Odessa, Ukraine
Koblevo, 1h40min driving from Odessa

A sunset at Lanzheron Beach

In addition to enjoy the time in the sea and get a tan, Lanzheron Beach has a beautiful view during sunset. A perfect place to hang out, to swim, to simply appreciate the evening. It is near the Taras Shevchenko Park and Dolphinarium.

The sunset at Lanzheron Beach. Odessa, Ukraine

Taras Shevchenko Park

Perfect place if you love spend the time at parks. Green areas, large space to walk around, ride a bicycle/rollerblades/skate. The park also has an area called “Green Theater” where you can seat on the chairs and puffs available.

Entrance of Green Theater. Taras Shevchenko Park, Odessa
Space for events at Green Theater. Taras Shevchenko Park, Odessa

Walk at Deribasivska Street

Deribasivska — referring to the Spanish militar José de Ribas, who was the first mayor of the city in service for Russian Empire — is simply the main street of Odessa. A place where people, locals and tourists, go to eat at restaurants, meet friends, enjoy the live music and many of the events that happen along the street. The sunset at Deribasivska is also a must to do while in the city. Check the picture below taken by Roberto Tedeschi, on Instagram roberto.tedeschi.

Sunset at Deribasivska, Odessa. Picture taken by Roberto Tedeschi (on Instagram roberto.tedeschi)

Potemkin Stairs

The classic stairs of Odessa showcased on the movie Battleship Potemkin are one of the postcards of the city, offering a view to the Black Sea and Port of Odessa.

The classinc Potemkin stairs. Odessa, Ukraine

Impact Hub Odessa

If you are a digital nomad, enthusiast for business, startups, tech, social projects, ideas; Impact Hub Odessa is surely a place where you can meet interesting people and sense cool stuffs happening in Odessa. And you can also join the coworking space and events. Located at Hretska Street, 1A.

Presentation of a local social business at Impact Hub Odessa, Ukraine

I just wish you the same sensation I have whenever I visit Odessa: feel at home!

PS: You can check the pictures I take on my Instagram account andref.anjos and through the hashtag #feelukraine.

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