What to eat in Kazan, Russia

One of the most remarkable points of visiting Kazan was definitely the Tartar cuisine. I simply loved the particular Tartar food I tried during my stay, that’s why I want to go back! Below, I list what you have to try if you travel to Tatarstan.


Kazylyk in Tartar or Konina/Конина in Russian, is a Tartar dish consisting of smoked horse meat and horse meat. I simply loved horse-meat, great like any good steak!

Kazylyk or konina, or simply horse-meat

Solyanka Kazan Style

Solyanka, in cyrillic солянка, is a traditional Russian soup made of spices, beef, ham, sausages, cucumbers, pickles, onion and other vegetables I don’t know to mention. It may also be made of mushrooms, meat and fish.

The Solyanka Kazan Style distinguishes itself for its special ingredients besides of beef: horse-meat kazylyk and smoked horse-meat.

Solyanka with horse-meat. Bilyar Restaurant, Kazan, Russia


Etchpetchmac (in Tartar, Öçpoçmaq) is a Tartar baked snack made with potatoes, beef and sweet onions with a triangular format. It is traditionally served with tea and Broth, explained on the next section.

Etchpetchmak, a popular Tatar pastry


Traditionally served with the etchpetchmac, Broth is a soup consisting of meat, bones, cereal grains and vegetables cooked below the boiling point of water.

Broth, traditionally served with etchpetchmac

Eat at Bilyar Restaurant

A traditional Tartar restaurant where you can try the typical Tartar cuisine. It’s the place where I had the Kazylyk and Solyanka Kazan Style. In Kazan, there are 4 branches of Bilyar. I reccommed to visit the one at Butlerova Street 31 (Бутлерова, 31), next to Baumana Street, the main street in the city.

Bilyar Restaurant at Butlerova Street. Kazan, Russia
Interior of Bilyar Restaurant at Butlerova Street. Kazan, Russia


Chak-ckak, in Russian Чак-чак and in Tartar Çäkçäk, is a sweet very popular along Tatarstan. It is made from unleavened dough cut and rolled in balls, then fried in oil. The fried balls are molded and drenched with honey.

Chak-chack, a popular Tatar sweet

Bakhetle Supermarket

It’s a supermarket chain spread along Tatarstan where you can buy all the traditional Tartar products such as sweets, dishes and drinks.

Entrance of one the Bakhetle Supermarkets in Kazan

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