Tourist traps in Greece for which you should be aware of!

Dragan Tapshanov
Aug 19, 2014 · 2 min read

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Years i’ve be staying in Greece for the summer and every time is the same story. They are doing the same scams to tourists every year, and every year they make bunch of money of tourists that do not know what to expect from the locals.

The scams and traps are not just on the streets and the bazaars, they are also in the taverns and cafes.

I will tell you the most common traps on which you stumble upon when visiting Greece, and if any of you is familiar with some other type of scam please share it with me on Facebook or Twitter.

1. The Long Espresso trap

- When ordering long espresso in the beach bars or the taverns make sure that you tell the waiter that you don’t want Double Espresso because if you don’t you’ll get one, but just in the bill. They will bring you long espresso but in the bill you will be charged for a double, and espresso in Greece is not cheap, on the Chalkidiki peninsula the coffee is 3 Euros!

2. The Pansion trap

- When you are more travelers looking for a place to sleep, make sure that when asking for a room the owners confirm that the price is for the room not for one person. Because when you ask they will give you a price without telling you for what the price is, and in the end when its time for paying they will charge you double/triple.

3. The Taxi trap

- When you enter a cab make sure to ask “how much” to the desired destination or how much approximately will be the fare, because cab drivers have different prices in the end of the fare for tourists that don’t ask.

4. The small bottle of water trap

- Small bottle of water everywhere in Greece is 0.50 euros, that price is set by the government and if the waiters try to charge you more than that, just tell them that you are familiar with their law and you will call the inspection or police.

5. The Tavern trap

- In the taverns, before you order, the waiters bring bread and big bottle of natural water on the table, make sure that you tell them that you don’t like the things brought to you without asking, because they are not “on the house” and you will be charged for them at least 5 euros in the end.

Aware of other traps? Share them with me …

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