Pros and Cons of Living in Medellin, Colombia

It’s not like what you think it is.

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I lived in Medellin pre-digital nomad invasion five years ago and returned to see how it had changed.

These are the pros and cons of living here.


The weather is amazing, stabilizing at around 28 °C throughout the day, night, and the entire year.

The water is drinkable, although the amount of chlorine in it is probably unhealthy.

Food in restaurants is cheap. You can eat for 8000–12000 COP, which is €1.90–€2.90.

It’s one of the safest cities in Latin America.

The people are nice, and it’s easy to meet and make new friends.

There are quite a few events organized every day, from book fairs, to independent movies, to theater.

People are nice. At least, they’re nice to me.

The local language isn’t difficult to learn or understand.

No wokism, no political correctness, no censorship. I am free to say whatever I want and people just nod. Crazy to feel freer here than in Belgium.

I didn’t have any problem with mosquitoes. Which is strange given that it’s a humid place.



Aure's Notes
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