Lincoln Knights’ Trail

Commemoration of the Battle of Lincoln 1217

Libertas per Sapientiam

Through the centre of Lincoln, Knights.

Last year it was Barons.

Brighton had Dogs, Guildford Cows, for Lincoln Knights.

Most people follow the Knights walking up the High Street, up the Strait and Steep Hill.

The route actually goes the other way around.

The inspiration for the Lincoln Knights, The Battle of Lincoln 1217, one of the most decisive battles in English history, and yet all but forgotten.

Lincoln Knights’ Trail — 36 knights across Lincoln city centre — to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Battle of Lincoln and the sealing of the Charter of the Forest.

According to Professor David Carpenter:

The Battle of Lincoln, one of the most decisive in English history, meant that England would be ruled by the Angevin, not the Capetian dynasty.

King John had died, the French tried to seize the throne, most of the country had fallen. One of the places that held out was Lincoln Castle under the command of Sheriff Nicola de la Haye, Custodian of Lincoln Castle.

An expeditionary force led by William Marshall Regent to the young King Henry III relieved the Castle.

They attacked from the North, a surprise attack, the French were routed and fled down the hill.

There are three series of Knights, full size Lincoln Knights, mini-Knights and miniature knights.

There are also couple of bonus Knights.

One a bronze statue, is hidden within a University building. Many question why, when it was funded by the Magna Carta Trust. It should be on public display.

Each Knight has a secret code.

The Knights are only on display until 3 September 2017.

They have generated much public interest, have brought visitors into Lincoln, and should be on display until at least the end of September, if not for longer.

Although the Knights may have brought people in, it is a moot point if of benefit to the local economy, as focused on the Knights and oblivious to their surroundings. At best, maybe a stop for tea or coffee, maybe lunch.

The Lincoln Coffee Trail follows the route of the Knights’ Trail, Stokes on High Bridge, Coffee Aroma, Madame Waffle, Stokes at The Collection, The Little Bicycle Coffee Shop (within Bird’s Yard at the foot of Steep Hill), Makushi, Pimento tea rooms, Stokes Lawn Cafe. [see Coffee Culture in Lincoln]

The Knights in Lincoln, cows in Guildford, snow dogs in Brighton, are part of a much larger project, Wild in Art.

Lincoln Knights

Miniature Knights

The artists were asked to submit their propsals as minature Knighst.

Currently on display in the Visitor Information Centre in Castle Hill at the top of Steep Hill.

Hopefully they will be found a permanent home.

Many of the shops en-route of the Knight’s Trail have miniature Knights in their windows. A few also have Barons.

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