3 ‘different’ things to do in Lithuania

If you’ve got time on your hands and you want to do something a bit different then here are 3 recommendations

Hot Air Balloon Flights

Hot Air Balloon in Trakai

In summer these are extremely popular. Best places to do this are in Trakai, and Vilnius. It costs around 100 euro per person. More information in the link below:

Observation Towers in National Parks

Anyksciu laju

In the last 5 years or so, Lithuania started building observation towers within their parks. The one recommended by locals is in Anyksciu laju. In addition to getting a view over the park, you can walk across their treetop walking path. Location is around 1–1hr30mins drive from Vilnius. Link with details below:

Other observation towers can be found here.

Catch your own lunch

A restaurant close to Trakai called Zveju Namai, allows you to catch your own lunch (fish) from their pond.

Apparently it’s very easy to catch the fish, and you can get it cooked straight after.

Map link here.

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