Practical Information for visiting Lithuania


Kaunas Airport

Kaunas Airport to Vilnius (Train Station/Panorama Hotel)

There is a mini van right outside the airport that takes you to Panorama Hotel next to the train station in Vilnius. It costs 10 euro for a one way ticket. You can either purchase from the driver on the van, or book online here . Scheduled times are all ‘linked’ to specific flights in & out of Kaunas airport. Journey is approximately one hour.

From the arrival point in Vilnius you can walk (approx 10–15 minutes to city centre) or catch a taxi.

Vilnius to Kaunas Airport is also available with same company. We’d recommend booking online and arriving 30 minutes early. The pick up point is in front of Panorama Hotel (opposite McDonalds).

Vilnius to Kaunas Airport

You can either take the same bus as mentioned above, or rent a taxi. We’d recommend using TAXIFY app, which will cost 35–45 euro (depending on the time of day). There are discount codes to save 5–10 euro if you scroll down this page. If you’re leaving from outside Vilnius city centre, like VillaTop, then you might need to wait around 20 minutes till the taxi arrives to those areas.

Other taxi apps like Uber also can be used but they will be more expensive, with a fixed price of 60 euro from Vilnius centre.

Vilnius Airport (Closed July/August 2017)

Riga Airport

Riga Airport to Vilnius

There are buses which take you from Riga Airport to Vilnius with a journey time of approximately 4 hours. Costs are around 16 euro for a one way ticket.

Luxexpress timetable and online booking here (Departure times from Riga Airport 1110,1405,1505, 1640). When booking choose departure “Riga Airport”, arrival “Vilnius Coach Station” or “Vilnius Panorama Shopping Centre”.

From each destination there are taxis available using apps or you could walk to the centre (10–30 minutes dependent on where your accommodation is)

Renting a Car

To enjoy Lithuania at it’s best I’d recommend renting a car. It’s usually somewhere between 15–20 euro a day, depending on what car you choose and where you’re booking it from. Fuel is cheap compared to central Europe, and road infrastructure is decent too.

If you’d like to book in advance I’d recommend using kayak search:


When travelling within Vilnius, Kaunas and the surrounding suburbs you can use one of the many taxi apps available. The rates are cheap compared to central Europe:

1–3 euro for a 5min trip within the city

3–10 euro for a 10min trip to the outskirts of the city/surrounding suburbs

10–15 euro for a 30min trip from Vilnius to Trakai

I’ve shared the apps we use with some discount codes you can use for your first ride. I’d recommend entering your card details to have less ‘hassles’.

Taxify (5euro Promo Code: EBQWG) This is the easiest app to use, and the cheapest (at the moment). When booking: Private is cheapest, Private Up is a more premium car, Taxi is official taxi, Taxi Up is premium official taxi.

eTaksi is a local taxi app, it tends to give a lot of different price options. I find it a bit less intuitive to use. Make sure to download their app as their site is a bit more complicated to use.

Uber (10euro Promo Code: cx397z) everyone knows them!

Other Transport

There is other mini van, bus and train transport across the country however I’ve used these on a very few occasions. Lithuania is really worth exploring with your own car!

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