Transport to & from VillaTop

Getting to VillaTop from Vilnius should be pretty straightforward. We’ve written a few extra tips and information to make it even easier for you!

By Car

From central Vilnius it should be a 25–30 minute drive to VillaTop. If you’re using your phone for navigation enter “VillaTop Sodbya” in Google Maps or click link here.

When you see the shop marked “Parduotuve” on the main road turn left. Keep driving straight, when you see the ‘truck garage’ turn left. Follow the dirt road for around 100–200 metres until you see a sign to turn right marked “VillaTop”. Drive to the end of the dirt road and park.

For the final path to get to VillaTop you may follow the photo instructions below (left to right)

By Taxi

When using a taxi app, you can enter your destination as “VillaTop”. It should cost between 8–15 euros from Vilnius depending on time of day and traffic, and take approximately 30 minutes to get there.

I’d recommend using the Taxify app to book. ETaksi might have more options if needed.

For the last part of the journey please refer to photos above in case the driver needs assistance.

Return from VillaTop to Vilnius


Using the same app you can book a trip from VillaTop to Vilnius. The price should be similar to the journey from Vilnius to VillaTop (8–15 euros).

I’d recommend using the Taxify app to book. ETaksi app might have more options if needed.

You might have to wait approximately 20 to 30 minutes until the taxi arrives, and driver might need instructions for last part of journey. Journey takes approximately 30 minutes. Based on waiting time and journey time think ahead if you need to be in Vilnius by a certain time.

If you need to return late during the evening, you can try on one of the apps. If there are no taxis available, then the manager at VillaTop can organise transport back (4 people 20 euros, 8 people 30 euros).