Two days in Jerusalem, May 2017

After Tel Aviv, Haifa, Acre, Nazareth and Tiberias, the next step of the road trip around Israel was Jerusalem. I already came to Jerusalem before but really quickly, this time I am staying for 2 days. I arrived yesterday and walked around the old city in the evening, the atmosphere in the old city of Jerusalem is really, really hard to describe, almost surrealistic. The city is beautiful and there are plenty of things to discover. Today I’m going back to the old city to visit 2 or 3 museums on the history of Jerusalem. Tomorrow I’ll go to Bethlehem in the morning and visit some others museums in Jerusalem (I really want to go to the Museum of Hebrew Music and to the Israel Museum). Also, my Hebrew is improving every day I am REALLY thrilled, I’ll keep having classes when I am back and hopefully I can be fluent by next year. 
Here are some pictures from yesterday!