Visiting Acre and Nazareth, Israel, May 2017

If you want a nice workout, try to go from one place to another in Israel without a car…! I walked around 70km in 3 days and took a LOT of buses and trains. Today I visited Acre and Nazareth and it was awesome (I am super tired and my vocabulary is kinda limited to ‘exciting’ ‘cool’ ‘awesome’ ‘super’). Sunday is not the best day to visit Nazareth though because everything is closed due to Christian holidays (in the rest of the country, everything is open because the weekend is Friday / Saturday). Anyway it was still impressive to think I really was in Nazareth… And the trip from Haifa to Nazareth by bus is really nice, you can see the landscape and all the small cities built in the mountains. Here are some pictures…(for Acre see after the pictures).

Then I headed to Acre. You can take the train from Haifa it’s really easy (train is much easier than bus in Israel, I have a preference for the bus though because it’s usually nicer to see the landscape). The old city of Acre is really beautiful, it’s definitely worth the trip (and there are really few tourists). Pictures: