Helsinki, Finland

An afternoon of museums and beer and puppies

One weekend day I took a ferry from Tallinn to Helsinki with my Estonian/Hungarian/Scottish friend Monika to explore the city. We didn’t spend a lot of time there but I did have a few notes to get out. First off, wow is it expensive! I know the Nordic countries have that reputation but it was well more than double the prices in Tallinn.

We ended up hitting a pub for some drinks and apps to relax for a while while it rained and then headed to a few art galleries. Maybe the best thing about the pub was how dog friendly it was. Not that the food and drinks weren’t great, but there was literally a wall with pictures of all the dogs that had visited them. It was amazing and there were a few to play with in there with us too.

We headed to a tiny art gallery that is called Helsinki Contemporary and another that was very small that I honestly can’t remember the name of (sorry) and the main event… Helsinki Design Museum! I absolutely loved that place. It had snake, innovations, and even Princess Leia’s necklace! It was a great place and had some great stuff to explore and learn about.



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