Krakaw, Poland

A Long Weekend in Poland

Tyler Norton
Sep 25, 2019 · 2 min read

This one will be short and sweet. Fraz, MarcO, and I spent a 5 day weekend in Krakaw. We filled our time with wandering around the city, having drinks in the main square, and eating pierogies. Fraz felt connected to his people (he’s Polish) and Marc had a good time at the Schindler Museum (depressing, but good to see). My personal favorite memory was in the square, every hour on the hour they play half of a song with a trumpet from the clocktower. During the war (apparently) they had their trumpeter shot down mid song and that is how they commemorate it. To be honest it was more Marc imitating the trumpet sound than anything. Great weekend.

We also found a great little spot for watching outdoor sports and eating delicious food. It is the little back walking alley by Weźże Krafta. There is some outdoor seating and a projector for the big matches. Highly recommended!

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