Tromsø, Norway

Dog sledding and Northern Lights

Tyler Norton
Apr 7, 2020 · 2 min read

I headed up north of the Arctic circle in the winter of 2019 to check some things off the bucket list. I was hoping to dogsled and see the northern lights, but 4 days straight of snow meant the lights were pretty much off the table, luckily, the dogs more than made up for it. 300 Huskies! I died and went to heaven. Here is the video:

Other Tromsø sights… well there really aren’t many “sights”. Its just a cute little arctic town on a hill. I will say that the place I stayed (Clarion on the edge) was a beautiful and well kempt and right on the bay. The best place to eat was a tiny little hot dog stand in the town center called Raketten Bar & Pølse. Google doesn’t have the right location though, its really where google places “Storgata 94B, Tromso” at, so google that.