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Happy new year travellers! I wish each and every one of you a fantastic 2016. The last guest we had was Kate Shillo, our most popular post to date.

This week we are talking to Eva Baczynska. She works in Marketing and Business Development for a London based firm. Eva works in their New York office. She travels a lot for work and last year she made Travelle. Travelle "shares travel tips about beauty, wellness and style on the fly, and features the best products, services and apps for traveling ladybosses and explorers alike." While Travelle is a blog for women, I've [Man, 24] found many of the posts to be very helpful and practical, like this post and this one.

How much do you travel?
I spend about a week per month away from home.

When did you travel last? And where to?
2 weeks ago I was in London and Warsaw. Its was a “bleasure” trip, a mix of business and pleasure. I often extend my trips into the weekends so I can experience the area I'm in.

How do you split your time between business and pleasure?
I, unfortunately, can't make all my trips into bleasure trips. I would say that 50% of my trips are bleasure trips. I travel in the US quite a bit, predominantly the west coast and the midwest. Not all the destinations are easy to turn into a getaway and sometimes these trips happen in the middle of the week. But it's not a bad ratio!

Which do you travel in most often business, coach, or First Class? Or the elusive private jet.
Business. Even when I book economy I do get upgraded quite a bit.

What Shoes do you travel in?

My favourite sneakers are Ash Women's Thelma Fashion Sneaker. Ash is an Italian shoe brand and make really good leather shoes. Their shoes that are a little edgier. My shoes also have a zipper so they are really easy to take off before security.

What is your best travel hacks/tips?
I'm a very compartmentalised packer. When I make multiple stops, I tend to pack my belongings into sections depending on the day or destination. This way I don't have to take out things I don't need out of my bag, and I don't wrinkle things in the process. I can just take out what I need depending on location and activities. It also makes it easy to keep clean and used clothes separate.

How do you stay productive while travelling?
I didn't use to be a good in transit worker. I didn't know how to allocate my time when I was traveling, there is always so much to do. I started creating a folder on my laptop with specific files I wanted to focus on during the trip. Otherwise it's difficult to stop working and enjoy the trip.
It makes things more tangible and organised. You also know that you've been successful that day when you know what needs to be done. It feels good to check things of the list.

What is your work set up like when traveling?
Always my iPad. Sometimes I travel with both my laptop and iPad. When it's a shorter trip I only bring my iPad and if I have to do something on my computer I just remote access it from the business center in the hotel. I always book hotels with business centers, so I’m not dependant on bringing my laptop.

Carry-on or check in? 
I almost never check bags. I managed to travel to Mexico City, Acapulco, Portland, San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles, London and Warsaw during a 3 week trip with a carry-on in April!

What kind of bag do you travel with? 
A grey Givenchy bag that has a strong zipper and both a long and short strap. As well as a Rimowa in-cabin luggage.

What is your favourite destination?

What is your favourite travel gear?
My bag. I also have this really comfortable cape that could be a sweater but looks nice enough to be worn with a dress on. It can be used with a business outfit. It's comfortable, does not wrinkle, and does not shed. The perfect travel gear!

What apps do you use?
Google maps and Uber are the most used ones. I usually check Skyscanner regardless of whether I used them for the actual booking.

How do you keep yourself entertained on the flight?
I recently discovered colouring books, which I’ve read resembles the effect of meditation. Keeps you focused and is more fun that reading magazines. I nap when I can and snack through the flight so am not waiting for the one bad in-flight meal. [Read Eva post on how to pack good snacks for flights]. I also try to catch up on movies, as the TV at home is never on.

When you arrive at a new destination, what is the first thing you do in order to get into a productive zone? 
I always take a walk to clear my head and place myself. The brisk walk and fresh air really makes a difference. After a long flight, air and stretching my legs is key. Then I get a coffee and find a reliable wifi connection.

What do you dislike about traveling?
In the US, the quality of service. Especially food in airports and in flights is really disappointing. When I'm travelling I bring my own snacks and own amenities.

Do you miss anything from home when traveling?
I find that I’m able to carry most things with me that I don’t want to be without, but my family and friends are less portable. I often wish they were with me when I’m off someplace for a long time.
What does a typical day look like for you?
The cheesy answer is that there is no such thing as a typical day for me! When traveling, I usually try to work out in the morning or I go for a brisk stroll to explore the city that I’m visiting. That’s usually followed by meetings. If I’m not meeting a client for lunch, I will check out a healthy local restaurant for a culinary adventure that won’t mess with my body. When lucky, I can catch up with friends in the evenings but if I’m not someplace familiar where I know someone, or a friend of a friend of someone, I get cracking on the room service and work on the next Travelle blog post!
What do you do to unwind?
I wish I was better at meditating while on the go but I’m still working on making it a habit. I like to walk listening to the city or my favorite DJ to clear my head and that seems to do wonders. I generally try to book hotels that have a quiet area that feels cozy with a good magazine or a spa. There is nothing better than being able to roll into bed straight after a massage.
When home, yoga is my go to. I simply wouldn’t be the person I am without my regular practice. And when in doubt, I dance it all off in the evening!
Who or what inspires you?
My dear friend and accomplished artist Domingo Zapata.

To me, Domingo is the definition of a free soul, and I’m yet to meet someone who doesn’t feel good around him. He is confident, but not arrogant. He is warm, but not clingy. He is successful, but on his own terms. He is creative, yet business savvy and street smart. He knows exactly who he is, and he lets everyone around him be exactly who they are. It’s not only inspiring, but more than anything, it’s refreshingly liberating. I think it’s because he knows exactly what he is here in this world to do — paint (and he sure paints beautifully).

I hope that one day, I too will find my true calling, and I hope it will manifest itself in this inner glow that he emits. His magnetic presence brings out the best in me, I would love to be able to do the same for others.

Who would you like to see interviewed?
I would love to see some tips from Ivanka Trump. She seems so beautifully put together on the road!
You can learn more about Eva at www.travelle.co, and in FAQ section there are some fun facts about her. Travelle also have a in Instagram and Twitter.

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