Campervan Trip Around New Zealand: 6 Things To Remember

Tucked far away in Oceania, New Zealand is one of those God-bequeathed places with a great climate and breathtaking views. The best way to enjoy this scenic beauty, it is undoubtedly the best to take a roadtrip that too in a Campervan.

A road trip not only helps one explore the unexplored parts of the place at one’s own pace. For some it is also a period of self realization and soul searching. A Campervan roadtrip is literally a mini-home, something like a tortoise carrying its home with itself!

Here are some points to keep in mind before one starts off with the roadtrip.

#1 First Things First, Pick The Right Vehicle.

New Zealand is a place where the roads are highly unpredictable. Though some places may have smooth roads, one is bound to travel through rugged trails at some point of the trip.

Make sure that you pick a good campervan, with a few spare tyres and snow chains (as you may have to drive through snow and gravel laden roads.

#2 Check The Conditions For Free Camping.

New Zealand is pretty strict when it comes to free camping.

While choosing the vehicle, one has to make sure that they choose a self-contained one (vehicle with a toilet). And if caught camping with the wrong vehicle, i.e without a toilet, the police may fine a huge sum. The police may also fine people for lighting campfires and draining sewage tubs at random places.

#3 Tips For Driving Your Campervan

The rugged terrains and winding trails of New Zealand might look very beautiful, but it is definitely a tough job to drive a Campervan. A Campervan is longer and higher than most private vehicles, it takes some getting used to. Reversing the vehicles, turning sharp corners or negotiating narrow roads are quite tough with a Campervan. One must keep in mind that in New Zealand, one always drives on the left side of the road.

#4 Drive Slow, Drive Safe

New Zealand is beautiful, but that doesn’t mean campervans can be stopped at random places to click photographs. Most accidents are caused by excited tourists pulling over at the most random places to click pictures.

#5 Keep Track Of The Weather

More like the roads, the weather over there also tends to be unpredictable. And during the monsoon, it gets wild. One shouldn’t be driving along the rugged roads on a foggy day as there would absolutely be no visibility and there are even no guard rails most of the times along the sides. It is also important that one pays heed to the opinion of the locals regarding a particular place, again keeping in mind that they know about the place more than anyone else.

It is also a place where frequent landslides occur, so it is best that one checks the road conditions before moving on.

#6 Themed Highways

New Zealand has themed highways that showcase the most scenic parts of the country. Take a pick from the spectacular Pacific Ocean roads, or ones that take you to volcanoes, ancient caves and mud pools. Foodies could opt for the signature wine trails along New Zealand’s wine regions. All themed highways are marked with distinctive signs that make it easy to follow!

Be prepared to fall in love with New Zealand while on a Campervan roadtrip through the country!