Our Camino Story

One day at the porch of our little house in Kaliurang, maybe in the evening, I will tell you a story of a journey to the old city Santiago de Compostela. Not as spirited as I am right now. But with the same warmth of joy. Even if you already knew, I will still remind you how we enjoyed every single step we took, how grateful we were when we decided to walk the Way, and of course, how we missed it everyday.

And when the shadow of Merapi mountain appeared in the North, I will tell you a story of the journey that had no difference with mountain climbing, the journey to conquer our own ego. I bet you remember very clearly when we met hundreds of pilgrims in the finish line, the humble feelings, because we were just two tiny dots at the end of an ancient path that millions of pilgrims had walked before us. Like we are in front of the majestic Merapi.

Or about the people we’ve met. I will tell you a story about the people from all over the world who share a meal, cup of water, some stories, and a journey. About the kind woman of Gonzar who helped us to find albergue in the middle of the night. Experiencing a community of people helping people. About friendship between pilgrims beyond age, language, and race. Or a tale about the pilgrims who walked since dawn in mesmerizing silence.

Between our hot flat white coffee sips, I will remind you about our backpacks with the white scallop shell strapped on it. How we filled it with all the things we thought we needed, and turned out we didn’t need that much, and our backpacks became our 5kgs burden. Eventually we chose to carry the burdens we’re happily to bear. We left a thing or two along the way. Like an old tradition that the pilgrims carried a rock the size of their sins and left it somewhere at the Camino de Santiago.

Or the story of the forest in Portomarín, when we’re exhausted after 35km walking in a single day. And we fell off to the ground, then asked each other question, why we’re doing this, then laughed our arse off with the rest of our strength. The time we’ve enjoyed together and it’s simplicity is our luxury.

Perhaps you will smile if I talk about the a group of pilgrims we’ve met in Arzúa. How the journey showed us that we don’t need much to be happy. Ah, I will shut my mouth when the dusk came. I will stop my storytelling. Let the warm of twilight touch your skin. Because it’s one of the thing that makes you, and me, happy, isn’t it?

Yes, someday I will tell you a story of a journey to the old city Santiago de Compostela, even if you already knew. Because it is privilege to be called to the Camino with you; Camino to Santiago de Compostela and the great Camino of life.