This past winter I went to the Japanese Christmas Market here in Berlin. I really had few expectations but it ended up being my favorite market and best of all, it was inside and super warm.

More importantly, that was the first time I had ever seen someone marble paint. Instead of trying it out like most people would have done, I spent all my money and let my introvertness get the best of me. Then I creeped online, as the good millennial I am, and found out that there weren’t any workshops until March. Double womp. I waited the three months and was pretty excited to try it out. I’d post photos of me from the workshop but the photos are horrific. 
Okay fine, here’s a pretty terrible photo of me.

What is Suminagashi anyways? 
Suminagashi is this 12th century Japanese technique which involves water and ink that floats on top of the water. 
Whether you swoosh it, swirl it, poke it with a stick, it’s really hard to eff it up. 
This was actually my favorite part about the marbling technique. There’s really not one way to do. There’s not one design that is wrong or one that is right. It’s meditative. You have little control. 
With little skill in the beginning, you make beautiful things. I’m not a painter by any means, nor can I illustrate or draw in a way that suits my likings, but marble painting is the first kind of painting that I can do and actually enjoy the results without my perfectionism ruining the fun.

Besides the marble painting, you’ll get to meet two amazing women, Carly and Rada, who have been making a name for themselves here in Berlin at Sonder 54. When I first emailed Carly about partnering up with Travelogue, she was in Greece, so yesterday I sent her some questions about art, marbling and travel. Always travel.

E: What made you fall in love with marbling? 
C: Its meditative, unique and addictive magicness!

E: Why do you think people enjoy this workshop so much? 
C: It’s a very unusual experience routed in tradition. Also, it’s a reflection of our inner moods and worlds.

E: How does travel inspire your art and work? 
C: For me, it’s a time for space and to dream, to connect with nature… this helps me to think of new ideas and inspirations. I’m not so much of a city traveler!

E: What is your favorite vacation spot or the one place you dream about returning to? 
C: I seek out very desolate places, where I can try and connect with the raw landscape, which often draws me to islands. The Greek island, Tinos, is very magical but also the valleys of the Alps with the fresh, fresh air!!

E: What has been the more unexpected outcome from teaching the marbling workshops? 
C: People’s enthusiasm and openness. Also, the fact that each person’s prints are so different. I have taught so many now and I never lose my excitement to see what people can create!

To sign up for the workshop, visit our Facebook page!