What is Travelogue?

Travelogue designs cozy, unique travel experiences for a social community of adventurous women.

Make new friends all over the world

Travelogue is above all a community. Whether you are explorers, nomads, adventurers, backpackers or simply travel enthusiasts you will find your place amongst us. We gather women from all around the world, with different passions, backgrounds and aspirations. Our community is the place where strangers become travel buddies, where passionates become inspirations. Most importantly, Travelogue community is an opportunity to learn from each other.

Learn something new

The Travelogue Community is full of passionate and talented people. With our workshops we want to give an opportunity to our members to meet and share those passions, skills and stories during a Sunday afternoon to bake pizza with an Italian chef or a Thursday evening doing Spanish macramé with an artist, in a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. Our goal is to unveil those hidden passions that everybody has but is not aware of, by meeting partners and experts that inspire us. Whether it is about a culture or a talent we want to bring together those eager to learn and those who love to convey. We are a community of women, however, workshops, and travel coffee talks are open to everybody that is interested, passionate and shares our state of mind.

Discover cities like a local

We do not do spiritual retreats in the classical sense, we are not into juice diets, fasting or not talking. There are plenty of excellent yoga retreats in the world organized by experts. We are not yoga experts and do not pretend to be. We associate retreats with slow travel: unusual and unique trips where you take the time to live something out of the ordinary. The very essence of traveling is to discover new places but it is also about encountering new people. Taking the time to impregnate ourselves with the surroundings, enjoying the given moment is our philosophy when it comes to exploring the globe. Our retreats are the occasion to wander the world and cross path with like-minded people but also to get in contact with locals that will deliver their vision and insights of the city.

Our platform where we meet virtually almost daily is a Facebook community group that gathers female travelers from all over the world: You too, join the community!