Smart Travel Tips: New App Saves Adventurers from Mundane Travel

Travel App Tiplr Celebrates New Version Release, Increased User Count, Content Growth

NEW YORK, NY — Tiplr, the ultimate platform for smart travelers, is celebrating the newest release of its triumphant iOS travel app. This update includes a newly launched web platform, making it easier for users to find tips and advice on what to do in unexpected destinations all over the world.

The new app is a user-generated travel machine, offering members the travel tips they can’t find anywhere else. The idea behind the app came from explorers who were tired of having to search for truly authentic experiences.

“I am genuinely convinced that there is a need for “the last guide that you’ll ever need”. When I was a kid it was all about Lonely Planet. If you wanted to travel smart and discover the unusual, you would stuff a backpack, pick up a guidebook and take off. Then Lonely Planet went mainstream and this type of approach to travel morphed into finding the same travelers in the same places,” said Stefano Bonini, co-founder of Tiplr.

Similarly, Carmine Savarese, Tiplr CEO and Founder, found his inspiration through interactions with fellow travelers while on an adventurous honeymoon. “The world needs a tool that helps us find authentic travel information, and actually put it to good use. This became especially apparent to us during a months long Trans-Siberian journey a few years ago. We found ourselves surrounded by other like minded travelers who were also trying to navigate this completely foreign land. We exchanged advice and tips along the way, using others’ suggestions that we couldn’t have found in any guidebook we carried.”

With the new version of the app, users can now use their email address to log in and create an account, search for super-users and explorers, submit photos using your camera roll (previous versions only allowed the sharing of Instagram photos), save tip drafts, and other major updates. The new version also fixed some minor bugs and speed issues.

This isn’t the end of the Tiplr road, however. The team has big plans for building a robust app, website, and global presence. “The next step is to show our product to a bigger investor in order to have the resources to complete the whole Tiplr platform, which at current moment is in his seed stage. We already have a pretty decent amount of content, and with the new app and site we are focusing now on the quality of our tips to involve more explorers to use Tiplr for their travels,” said Savarese.

You can download Tiplr from the IOS App Store, or sign up and use their website,

Originally published at TravelPRIDE.