18th December, 2016

This is a beach that is very dear to me, because it was one of the first beaches I went to as a baby. Probably, 3 or 4 months old. Even now, I come here inumerous times on summer, every year… But mostly on winter.

13th November, 2016

You may find it weird, but this beach is so much better on winter than on summer. As I live in a very touristic area, it’s almost impossible to set foot on the sand during summer. There’s people everywhere, not much space to walk and it’s not very pleasant to me, as I can’t fully enjoy the beach.

27th December, 2016

But in the winter, you can take nice and long walks and you can bring your dog, as well. You have nice seafronts to enjoy a drink or a snack while listening to some chill music, but most importantly, you can really enjoy this place.

My passion for photography has led me to this place many times, because of the sunsets. They’re really beautiful and I like to capture them very much.

11st January, 2017
17th November, 2016
27th December, 2016 / 4th January, 2017
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