As blockchain momentum grows, capitalism must adapt or face the consequences.
Bitcoin has Hacked the Attention Economy
Michael K. Spencer

Dialogue can exist everywhere.

The blockchain is proving it via the set logic of decentralized technology.

Market forces have human origins

Trade is an exchange of needs at its core. Human culture, recalibrated by communication, sets those needs, wants, intentions — the morality and ethics governing our agreed state of civility and communal existence.

Decentralization is a shift back, a balance or correction to embrace the natural complexity of our reality.
Photo from the space-sharpened view of NASA

In politics, we enable blockchain voting — with a clear record of democratic actions. In economy, we keep a ledger — with a clear record of transactions.

They are reference points, reminders and documentation of our communication. We can regain and expand our dialogue with humanist technology.

We speak, record, remember, and form the next steps — set our intention — with the clarity of refined, purposeful data and dialogue.