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15 finalists of Travel Tech Con 2018 Pitch Competition announced!

Thank you to every team that has applied to pitch and demo at Travel Tech Con 2018! We’ve received 100+ applications this year and 59 pre-qualified ones were evaluated by the judges to pick 15 finalists.

For reference, here are 59 pre-qualified startups:

  • 1st Batch of 25 pre-qualified startups;
  • 2nd Batch of 34 pre-qualified startups.

Congrats to 15 finalists that made it to the finals and were selected to pitch on stage at TTC18 to win prizes from the judges panel (in no particular order):

Bounce: Daily and hourly luggage storage at local shops in NYC:

Unboundly: New flight routing technology for infinite flexibility and affordability:

Via TRM: Next generation SaaS for educational travel:

Vacation Fund: Invest in employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention by giving them the gift of travel:

Trvl Porter: Luxury style concierge that lends you a personalized wardrobe to your hotel:

TRILL Travel: A platform that creates bookable experiences from social travel content:

SkyHi Travel: Claim last minute seats on planes for a low monthly subscription fee:

Sidewalk Guide: An app that provides free, guided walk experiences, created by anyone with stories, insight and knowledge to share about the places they love:

Boni Loud Steps USA: Indoor navigation for the visually impaired:

Group desk: software to simplify your Group Travel business by bringing AI:

Shep Travel: We make travel & managing #businesstravel more enriching by lessening the work, burden & constraints for business travelers & managers:

Touch & Discover: A New kind of Hotel technology that Automates Employee Management:

Direct: The forward-thinking, do-everything software platform for vacation rental, hotel, hostel, and B&B management companies:

Triphop: Online hotel booking platform that rewards travelers with unrestricted cashback rewards:

TrustaBit: Blockchain technology with smart contracts to issues vouchers automatically to passengers when their flights are delayed:

Thank you everyone for applying, we’re looking forward to seeing the 15 finalists pitch at Travel Tech Con 2018!




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