Congrats to the first 25 startups moving to the next stage of Travel Tech Con 2018 Pitch Competition

Marina Berezovska
Mar 27, 2018 · 5 min read

These 25 startups have been pre-qualified and are now on TTC18 judges’ radar for evaluation. 15 finalists will be selected to pitch on stage at TTC18 to win prizes from the judges panel.

Thank you to every team that has applied so far, we’ve received 45+ applications and counting. We’re reviewing pitch and demo applications on a rolling basis and submissions are open until the end of the day Pacific time on April 14th. Our main pre-qualification criteria: high quality application, technology at the core of the product, future driven business model, current product / funding stage & solid team. If you have any questions about our pitch competition and demoing opportunities, contact us or reach out via our Facebook community group.

Here is the full list (in no particular order) and a Twitter list to follow.

Shep Travel: We make travel & managing #businesstravel more enriching by lessening the work, burden & constraints for business travelers & managers:

Twip: Travel Network: Exclusive access to experiences & travelers based on your Travanality:

Flyright: Providing the essential info you need for any trip abroad in less than a minute:

Tripalista is a social travel platform that lets travellers share their stories with others, and create their own interactive guides for their trip:

Streetography is a software platform for photo-enhanced maps:

Kompass: Event discovery/sharing platform. We are Waze and Yelp for events!

Penguino Travel: Smarter travel for curious kids and their grown ups. We’re here to make your next adventure amazing!

Stasher: Don’t let luggage ruin your trip. Use CityStasher to find a trusted location to store your bags safely & cheaply:

Globestamp: The emotional way to build your travel story:

360Stories: A platform for remarkable traveling experiences in VR and AR:

Scapade is a mobile app that connects like-minded travelers & locals based on shared interests while promoting meaningful travel experiences:

FriendFund is a group travel platform that makes taking trips with friends easy:

Stilla: The pocket-sized security system designed to give you instant peace of mind in your everyday life:

Triphop: Online hotel booking platform that rewards travelers with unrestricted cashback rewards:

Hikster is the collaborative platform for outdoor enthusiasts:

You Live To Travel: Simpler, better tools for organizers to create transformational group travel experiences:

goBaby: Airbnb for baby gear rentals:

Timescenery: Social Marketplace of Trips:

Tripblan: The vivid way to plan and share your travel stories! Join the new travel community and help fellow travelers find useful information by sharing your experience:

TourAmigo: Inspiring you to see the world. Tour Amigo compares & books guided holidays throughout 160+ countries, at the best price:

Tastemakers Africa: TSTMKRS is an experiences platform connecting curious travelers to local insiders in African cities:

wOndary is de-bugging travel. Platform to save, organise and share everything about your trip:

Sitata: We help you stay safe when travelling by providing free and personalised health and safety information tailored to your itinerary & real-time travel alerts:

DiGiConsul: Onshore consular operations to your home country capital. Develop cross-border policy consistencies that transcend marketplaces. Control consular backoffice operational costs:

Rayka App: the first student-only reviews platform:

Thank you everyone for applying, we’re looking forward to seeing the 15 finalists who will pitch on stage at Travel Tech Con 2018!

Submissions are open until April 14, 2018 —we’ll be happy to see you pitch and demo!

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Marina Berezovska

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Founder of @traveltechcon, Head of Events & Community @windingtree.

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