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Travel Tech Meetups in San Francisco

We’ve been organizing Travel Tech Con community meetups and bringing together founders and travel tech folks for over 3 years now having hosted over 30 travel tech community events. Kinda incredible given that back in 2015 we started with 5 travel startup founders getting together in a kitchen of Impact Hub in San Francisco. The ship has taken off fast after that.

We’re reposting some photos from all those events here as we’re opening a new chapter for Travel Tech Con 2018.

To join us for our next event — see Eventbrite & To join the community and follow all things travel startups — see our Facebook group & signup for our community newsletter.

Travel Tech Meetups 2015–2018




Travel Startups Community & Events

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Marina Berezovska

Marina Berezovska

Founder of @traveltechcon, Head of Events & Community @windingtree.

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