Travel Tech Essentialist #15: Reinvention

A short newsletter every two weeks with my pick of the top 10 Travel Tech stories and innovations shaping the world’s largest and fastest growing industry.

  • Australia-based Jayride has raised $3.5 million to further develop its global airport transfer marketplace.
  • Paris-based reportedly set the record for the largest seed round in the history of travel technology with $14 million in funding to develop its mobile app that rewards members in cash or travel credit for renting out their homes while away on a trip.
  • Congrats to Setoo (a startup I have featured in this newsletter) for being the runner-up of the Award For Travel Innovation at Phocuswright Conference 2019. Setoo’s fully automated SaaS platform enables e-businesses to build precise and tailor-made protection products that deliver exceptional customer experience and generate new revenue streams.
  • Exosonic is building a quiet, Mach 1.8 60-seater supersonic passenger aircraft that can fly supersonically overland and overwater with a muted sonic boom. It will sell this aircraft to airlines so they can cut long-haul flight times in half at prices comparable to today’s business class tickets. Exosonic was the winner of the Award For Innovation at The Phocuswright Conference 2019.



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Mauricio Prieto

Entrepreneur, technology consultant, startup advisor, digital transformation. eDreams cofounder, former CMO