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Dec 12, 2018 · 3 min read
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… Leave the tech to us. That is how Rajnish Kumar succinctly summarised what the Travenues platform is all about, in one of our internal discussions. I think that nails it.

Technology has been advancing in leaps and bounds. The OTAs have been very quick in adopting new technologies. These two form a double whammy for the airlines. The airline industry has traditionally been an industry that has focused on very advanced complex problems such as maximising operational efficiency, optimal route planning, dynamic pricing slabs, and many others. And they were good at it. Really good at it. The situation demanded it. Regulation, and then deregulation, and then nationalised carriers. Airlines had to innovate in their strategies.

Photo by Dan Lohmar on Unsplash

But this came with a price. Airlines could not keep up with technology. They fell behind. And with technology, there is a huge problem — you miss a step, you drop 10 paces behind. And the problem compounds into a vicious downward spiral. Airlines are trying hard to keep pace and level up, but its a tough uphill climb.

The travenues platform is created with that single goal — Create a deep tech platform that is state of the art, for airlines, so that the playing field is levelled, if not tilted in their favour.

The platform spans all the way from our anchor product, TravDS — a highly configurable, multi-GDS direct selling platform, to an AI/ML based Traveller Assistance Bot which can do both customer support as well as execute deeply integrated booking actions, a comprehensive travel-tech optimised Marketing Automation platform; and everything in between. is the second largest travel site in India

We are a travel tech company who have been innovating in this field for more than a decade. We have mature algorithms and solutions for several travel related problems, that we have experimented and perfected through our websites and apps that we have developed over the years. We now feel that we should take this technology and empower the airlines, enabling them to get their mojo back.

We see the future as one where the airlines are focusing on creating the best travel experience for the consumers. We see the future as one where airlines are focusing on innovations in operational efficiency. We see the future as one where airlines compete over ever-expanding sets of loyal customers. We see the future, which is bright again.

Write in to if you want to chat more.


Powering the Travel Industry through Deep tech

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