What’s Scarier Than Roller Derby?

Roller derby is scary, right? I mean, did you not almost puke with nerves before going to your first practice? I certainly did. It took me probably three weeks to finally stop making excuses and go. It was terrifying.

Once you get over the first practice the scary things keep coming:

“You want me to do whatnow?? You want me to… skate backwards?? And jump??! AND NOW YOU WANT PEOPLE TO HIT ME?!!?*flailing*

You often spend a lot of time calculating whether or not this new thing your coach wants you to do will kill you and the answer is almost always yes.

That is until you do it of course and then you’re all like, “what was I so worried about?”

But then you pass your min skills and get invited to your first scrimmage. FUUUUUUUUUUU! This is definitely how I die. Someone is either going to hit me so hard I shatter into 10,000 pieces or I’ll do something so stupid and wrong I’ll spontaneously combust with embarrassment.

But you not only survive mostly intact, you also had the best time ever and want to scrimmage all day every day for the rest of your life.

THEN you get rostered for your first game and now you’re really nervous. The most nervous ever in fact. There will be scary people on the other team that want to hurt you. There will BE A CROWD WATCHING FFS! There is no way of escaping this without certain death, either from exhaustion, every bone in my body being broken or from shame when the crowd will most definitely boo me for doing something stupid.

But guess what….. your survived. You did something terrifying and survived.

Today, I went to a CrossFit induction class where they teach you the foundational moves involved so that you can go to the proper CrossFit classes.

It’s taken me weeks — nay, YEARS — to work up the guts to do this. I sat in my car outside convincing myself to walk though the door. I texted my friends to ask for help and to make me go inside. My heart was racing and I could hear millions of excuses for not going. And a few years ago those excuses would have won.

But I fucking did it. And I did not die. I survived and no one laughed at me.

But now I have to find the courage to attend a real class, with other people who are probably fitter and stronger than me. I have to face my fear of looking stupid or dying of unfitness and do it.

And tonight I will because up until this point, nothing scary I’ve done has killed me yet. I’ve got a 100% track record of not dying.

And so have you.

So if there’s something that you want to do that scares you…..go out there and fucking do it!

And anyway, what really is there that’s scarier than roller derby?

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