10 reasons to participate in our ICO!

by Sothira NGAUV, Chief Analysis Officer at Trecento Blockchain Capital

1. Blockchain adoption and expansion

Trecento Blockchain Capital is convinced that Blockchain technology is a disruptive innovation which will have an impact across all industries. Before becoming mainstream, Blockchain technologies must provide a proof of concept and show economic advantages. That’s why we need to financially support startups that aim to develop Blockchain technologies and infrastructure, especially applications (dApps) for “the real world”.

Today, there are more than 250 Blockchain funds across the world. But the cumulated assets under management still represent a very small part of the global market : c.$US 5 bn compared to the c.$US 84.9 T in 2016 (making a penetration rate of only 0.0058%).

A lot of projects have already been done, but many more are coming, from both the Blockchain and the “conventional” Economy. Some of major corporate companies that are listed on stock exchanges have put Blockchain technology as a catalyst of growth for their activities. This business momentum is contributing to creating a comprehensive and strong ecosystem of Blockchain and Digital Assets. Trecento Blockchain Capital aims to be part of this revolution by financing these startups and supporting the innovation in this field.

2. Support from the Republic and State of Geneva

Switzerland is one of the most advanced country in terms of Blockchain support, expansion, and development.

Trecento Blockchain Capital will be incorporated in Geneva and will be supported by the Republic and State of Geneva. In facts, the Republic of Geneva is open to the practice of ICO, as well as blockchain initiatives. Our company had the opportunity to make and maintain regular contacts with the Council of State of Geneva. It therefore supports us in our efforts, by providing favorable conditions for the realization of our ICO, thanks to a specialized ecosystem, a clear legal & fiscal framework, simplified administrative processes, as well as offering a proximity with financial actors and organizations decisive for such operations.

The country has already a strong Blockchain ecosystem thanks to the “Crypto Valley” that has emerged: “The Crypto Valley Association is an independent, government-supported association established to take full advantage of Switzerland’s strengths to build the world’s leading blockchain and cryptographic technologies ecosystem.”

In addition, the Blockchain universe benefits from a kind and non-offensive attention and flexible regulatory approach from the financial authority (FINMA) which has decided to adopt a Regulatory framework for ICOs. In assessing ICOs, FINMA will examine in a case-by-case approach to assess whether the ICO complied with anti-money laundering regulations and investor protection and information, and will focus on the economic function and purpose of the tokens issued by the ICO organizer. FINMA highlighted the underlying purpose of the token, their tradability and transferability as key factors of its assessment and classified tokens in categories.

Consequently, according to PwC, 4 of the 10 biggest ICOs in 2017 have been executed in Switzerland.

3. Regulated environment and activities

There are a lot of frauds and scams in the new, but growing Blockchain “market”. Therefore, it is important that each actor respect international rules which protect investors from manipulation, frauds, Ponzi schemes or any kind of misconduct. Today, we know that Institutional investors remain outside of the ICO and cryptocurrency market due to the volatility, lack of liquidity on exchanges, and regulatory uncertainty despite the fact that some of them are really interested in entering the arena. .

It is even more important in our activities because the Investment Industry is built on trust and transparency of information. One great example is the the Enron Corporation scandal in the late 1990s. This US energy company pushed its management executives and employees to focus their effort mainly on revenue growth and increasing the share price (with a lot of incentives of source, such as stock options). The company then adopted complex accounting strategies that artificially increased revenues and financial performance, as well as hiding billions of dollars in debt. A few years later, the discovery of these unethical practices lead to one of the largest bankruptcies in history. It created a negative atmosphere of mistrust on the stock markets.

Unlike the majority of crypto hedge funds that are based in exotic locations and have no obligation to comply with ethical or international financial rules, Trecento Blockchain Capital will put all the necessary human and financial resources in order to comply with most of the international financial standards. Being incorporated in Geneva is a chance to build a long-lasting and successful company, a FINMA application for our Asset Management company has been sent.

4. Strict risk management, compliance, security and transparency policies

As the Blockchain market grows and becomes more disciplined or institutionalized and because of the additional anonymity and privacy features related to Blockchain technologies which increase trust and risk concerns, we will adopt strict Compliance, Risk Management, Ethics & Transparency and Security/Cybersecurity policies, as applied in the conventional Asset Management Industry. Also, a code of Ethics & Transparency will be adopted

More details in our Compliance, Risk Management and Security Paper.

5. Proven track record and experienced asset management team

Trecento Asset Management will act as the backbone of Trecento Blockchain Capital. With $US 250 mn of assets under management (AuM), Trecento AM is a French asset management company created in 2011 by Alice Lhabouz. She surrounded herself with entrepreneurs, experts and personalities of the “real” economy to set up a financial management more in tune with the economic world and the companies lifecycle.

Their investment philosophy is to offer transparent and straightforward investment vehicles to investors and address disruptive and structurally growing sectors. Aside from Employee Savings Plans and Customized funds, Trecento Asset Management has two specialized Equity funds:

  • Trecento Santé (Healthcare fund — launched in 2012): since its inception, the fund has generated a performance of 66.15% (CAGR 2012–18: +9.74%);
  • Trecento Robotique (Robotics fund — launched in 2016): since its inception, the fund has generated a performance of +23.1%.

Part of the Analysis Department of Trecento AM will join Trecento Blockchain Capital.

6. Multi-skilled team from different industries

Blockchain and digital assets spaces are complex for most people. To leverage these increasing opportunities that will arise in the near future, it is necessary to partner with the right team to source, assess, and invest in these assets.

Our Team encompasses all the required core investment competencies (Fund Management, Corporate & Investment Banking, Equity Research, Venture Capital), giving us legitimacy before launching our activities,. Coupled with a complementary pool of expertise from other industries (Blockchain technology, Data Sciences, Fintech, International business development) and backed by our Advisory Board composed of experts (Finance, Legal & Compliance) our team of experts is one of the main advantages of Trecento Blockchain Capital.

We will reinforce our team after the ICO: part of the ICO proceeds will be dedicated and used to hire additional best-in-class talents across various specialties (Finance, Blockchain, Technology, Compliance…).

To discover our team, click on the following link: https://trecento-blockchain.capital/team/

7. 360° investment strategy

Trecento Blockchain Capital will launch and manage four funds covering the 360-investment spectrum of Blockchain universe, offering a diversified and optimal risk/return exposure to investors and strong potential returns:

  • ICO Fund: Investment in innovative companies raising funds during the private sale (upstream);
  • Crypto Trading Fund: Trading and Arbitration of cryptocurrencies & digital assets;
  • Venture Capital Fund: Equity investment in startups developing disruptive Blockchain solutions;
  • Fund of Funds: Investment in specialized funds active in cryptocurrency/digital assets space and Blockchain companies.

8. Community-driven and user-centric platform

Trecento Blockchain Capital aims to reward its community for the contribution to the success of the project. For the purpose, we will build a Community platform, powered by a voting system, that will allow investors to submit investment ideas and various proposals that could either improve our investment process and/or upgrade our investment platform.

Whatever the form of participation might be (idea submission and/or voting), the Community members will be rewarded in TOT.

More details about our TOT Reward System in our Whitepaper (pages 11–12).

9. Multi-utility token (TOT) with fee discounts

Trecento Blockchain Capital Token (TOT) is a multi-utility ERC-20 token that will be listed on major exchange platforms. TOT can be used as a means of payment and to access to features.

  • ICO participants will be granted free fund management and discounts on performance fees. This can last up to two years, depending on the total amount raised during our ICO (one year if the €10mn mid-cap is reached and two years if the hard cap of €20mn is reached);
  • TOT holders will have important discounts on management and performance fees if they pay in TOT, as follows: 50% the 1st year; 30% the 2nd year and 10% thereafter;
  • Access to newsletters, research and analysis papers (information and news on Blockchain Industry, Market and trends analysis…);
  • Access to the TOT Reward System (DAO and Voting system) — Please refer to the previous part (8).

10. 5% of net profits reinvested along with investors

For consistency and more specifically alignment of interests, we have decided to reinvest 5% of our net profits along with our investors and to put all the necessary efforts to generate returns in the best way possible.

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Based in Geneva, Trecento Blockchain Capital is managed by a team of experienced asset managers and Fintech experts, within a safe and regulated environment.
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