Frequently asked questions about Trecento Blockchain Capital’s ICO.

by Elie Boudara, Chief Blockchain Officer at Trecento Blockchain Capital

Last week, we published the Trecento Blockchain Capital white paper and the Trecento Blockchain Capital ICO website. Today, we want to give you clear and simple answers to the top questions we’ve been asked most so far. 
You’ll find the full FAQ by following this link : FAQ

What do I get by investing in the Trecento Token (TOT)?

Today, asset management is hard to understand, difficult to access, and suffers from a lack of transparency, especially regarding funds managers’ decision making.

Thanks to Trecento Blockchain Capital, asset management services will become widely accessible. By investing in our ICO, you areare participating to the new age of the Asset Management, made possible by blockchain technology. We will make quality wealth management more available and affordable, so that everyone can manage their money in a transparent, secure, compliant and profitable way. Our team’s background and experience will help us to build a new kind of platform that will take Asset Management to the next level.

Trecento Blockchain Capital will build four dedicated Funds, offering several strategy and possible allocations. The TOT token will give you a discount of up to 50% on management and performance fees, and the right to vote and get rewards (in TOT) with our DAO platform.

More info on our website :

Where is Trecento Blockchain Capital based?

Trecento Blockchain Capital is based in Switzerland, with the support of the Republic of Geneva, and will be regulated by FINMA.

Who is managing Trecento Blockchain Capital?

With over 120 years of cumulative experience in finance and fund management, our team encompasses all the required core investment competencies (including Corporate & Investment Banking, Equity Research, Venture Capital). Coupled with that traditional investment experience, we also have complementary expertise in other industries (including Blockchain Technology, Data Sciences, Fintech, and International Business Development). Plus, they’ll all be backed by our Advisory Board which is composed of experts from these sectors.

Kindly check our website for the full details of the management team.

What is Trecento Blockchain Capital’s background?

Trecento Blockchain Capital is a subsidiary of Trecento Asset Management. With over $235 million of assets under management, Trecento Asset Management (founded in 2011 by Alice Lhabouz) is a successful financial institution, specializing in innovative and technological investments (especially robotics and medical technologies). Trecento Asset Management will act as the backbone of Trecento Blockchain Capital, bringing on board its team of recognized financial professionals from the off-chain investment world, reinforced by a complementary, seasoned team of investment and tech experts.

What about Compliance, Risk Management, Ethics and Security ?

3 specialized departments (Risk Management; Legal & Compliance; Security & Cybersecurity) will be created to ensure that security, risk management & compliance policies are communicated, fully understood and assimilated by all Trecento Blockchain Capital team’s members, including the founders, the Advisory Board, our partners, and all of our third partie associates.

In addition, we will adopt a code of Ethics & Transparency adapted to the Blockchain world, which will address most of the PRI principles as defined by the United Nations (UN). We will, in particular, integrate the ESG issues (Environmental, Social and Governance) in our processes of analysis and decision-making. This code will also address transparency issues and special attention will be given to the KYC/AML rules and procedures.

You can download more info on our Compliance & Risk documentation

What is your token allocation structure?

  • ICO participants: 75%
  • Bounty program: 5%
  • Company reserve: 5%
  • Team & Advisors: 15%

What are the dates for Trecento Blockchain Capital Pre-sales & ICO?

Pre-sales will run from October 1st till October 30th

Public Sales will run from November 1st till November 30th

What will happen if the ICO does not reach the soft cap?

Investors will be refunded in full.

What is the issue price of a TOT token?

1€ per TOT.

Which exchanges will trade the Trecento Token (TOT) ?

The list of exchange platforms will be posted at a later stage. Please note that 5% of the ICO funds will be dedicated to exchange listing.

What is the minimum purchase for pre-ICO & ICO?

As per the terms of our sale, during the pre-ICO stage the min is 500€ and the max is 2M € per purchaser.

At ICO stage, tokens will be distributed pro rata. The minimum purchase is 100€ at the ICO stage.

I would like to buy TOT token, how can I do this?

During the Pre-sale & Sale period you can click “Contribute Now” on our website and follow the instructions. If you have any questions, you can contact our support team :

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