A new forest and a TREEt for loyalty

C. Adam Stallard
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2 min readMay 21, 2021


Baby Giant Redwoods by Emily Heath

How to claim Dai from the TREE snapshot by May 31st

The ability to claim DAI will take place from May 21st to May 31st at https://whalerdao.github.io/astrodrop/claim/QmeW1NroA2xkRysggXLWs4HxFz22e7DKjWqjUgxn1xXMLv.

Astrodrop is a tool by Whaler DAO founding member Zefram Lou for creating airdrops cheaply — no coding required.

Motivation and details

When we originally created TREE, the goal was to create, above all, a strong community committed to each other’s success and to do good for the world, one TREE at a time. The burn and rebase functions were designed to encourage long-term commitment and for every burn to increase the value of subsequent ones. Once deployed, we learned a lot and realized that a few adjustments must be made to the mechanics. Hence, we are excited to unveil TREE v2.0.

First things first: loyalty and trust of our community are paramount. We said that 1 TREE should equal 2 DAI. And so, every holder of TREE will be able to convert their TREE held as of the snapshot date of March 22nd, 2021 for 2 DAI in the first airdrop and 1 TREE 2.0 in a later airdrop. This way, community members will be rewarded for loyalty while also not having to choose between a payout and staying committed to the project.

We have big plans for TREE 2.0 and mechanics that should make its price movements more organic and straightforward. Most importantly, we will together continue on our main function of contributing to charitable organizations. Stay tuned for details.

Thank you for planting your trees in our joint forest.

Article written by Dahveed.