Creating the perfect Treeo

A Treeo (get it for your iPhone!) is a special type of poll that’s not some generic this-or-that thing, it’s a beautiful snowflake of choice, falling lightly on your head, forcing you to make a tricky decision. At the core there are 3 photos, and you vote by dragging them up to 3 different emoji buckets.

Couldn’t be simpler.

A few examples of fine Treeos

But what if the 3 things you’re voting on are brownies, ice cream and apple pie, and the 3 emoji buckets are 🌞 DAILY, 📅 MONTHLY, and
NEVER AGAIN and you have to make a choice? Argh! That’s the beauty of voting on a Treeo: the way that it can scramble your brain, put you into a corner, and squeeze your decision-making abilities until you give up and simply have to make a call. Which delicious dessert would you give up forever? Which would you force yourself to choke down on the reg, every single day?

Welcome to the art of a good Treeo.

Good Treeos make you think when you vote on them. They give you some pause. Some make you say “No” to something you never thought you would (pizza, ice cream, bacon…), but that’s part of the fun.

First, the emoji buckets you pick need to work and make sense in the world of Treeo. Picking 1–2–3 is sort of lame when making a Treeo about the greatest sports ballers of all time. Picking G.O.A.T.-STARTER-BENCHWARMER is a lot more interesting. Or maybe FOREVER-KISS-NEVER for voting on your biggest celebrity crushes. How about FLAUNT-CLOSET-BURN when voting on clothing? Get creative! You can pick any title and any emoji for any category, so the possibilities are endless. (Actually, for you nerds there are like ~6,341,898,051 emoji possibilities, so whatever. Almost endless.)

Now that your emoji buckets are set, it’s time to pick the perfect things to vote on. When you make a Treeo in the app, you can upload photos, use a nifty Internet image search, or find the perfect, ridiculous GIF to accompany your hand-crafted, bespoke Treeo.

The last step is to add a description. Not all Treeos need a description, some are pure just as they are. But a description can take some Treeos to a whole other level. Whether it’s the perfect question that clarifies the challenge, or a witty title to top off your masterpiece, a great description can make your Treeo soar with the eagles.

You can search for images before picking emoji if you want to. It’s still a free country.

The best Treeos give people a tricky choice. They’re not simple. They’re not a quickie, sugar-coated hit — they make people think just for a sec. Not too much, but just hard enough to make you pause a split-second before you drag that Drake album art up into a shimmering 💩 emoji to cast a vote.

Don’t forget to download Treeo for iPhone!

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