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A Treeo (get it for your iPhone!) is a special type of poll where there are 3 things to vote on, and 3 buckets to categorize them into. It’s not a traditional, boring type of poll where you pick your favorite ice cream flavor from a list like a terrible multiple-choice test you took in middle school. With Treeo, you vote by flinging photos and GIFs with your finger up into emoji, so let’s take a closer look!

The 3 things to vote on can be images or GIFs (with more types of content coming soon!) and they’re displayed as 3 circles on the screen.

At the top of each Treeo there are 3 emoji categories. To vote, you drag or fling each circle up into an emoji. (You can undo a vote by tapping on the photo after you’ve voted on it.) You can also expand any photo by tapping on it and it’ll display a title, description and button to open the URL for that image if one was set.

After you vote on all three photos, the popular vote results for this Treeo will slide down. Treeo results are different from poll results you might be used to because a Treeo is a special type of poll where you’re not just picking 1 choice out of 2 or 4, you’re actually making 3 selections at once.

After you vote on a Treeo, the grid of photos that slides down shows the following:

  1. How your vote for each emoji compared to the popular vote. Your vote is the brightest picture in each column, and the position of that photo tells you if you matched up with the popular vote for that particular emoji. If your photo is at the top of an emoji column, you agreed with the popular vote!
  2. The percentage of people you matched with. Each of the photos you voted on show the percentage of other people who voted just like you for that particular emoji. The photos in each column are also proportionally sized so the larger the image, the more people put it into that emoji category!

See those tiny, tiny slices of photos at the bottom of some columns up there? Those represent photos that only a couple people put into that emoji category — not very popular photo-emoji combinations!

Now if a photo appears really large in a column, that means LOTS of people voted that way. Let’s take a closer look at the results for this Treeo:

In the far-right column is the 🎟 PREMIERE emoji representing movies that people love so much they’d want to attend the premiere! 59% of all people who voted on this Treeo put Inside Out in that column, including you, because your vote is at the top of the column! Now, something interesting about the results for the 🎟 PREMIERE emoji category is that not a single person voted The Jungle Book into it, so the cover for that movie isn’t shown at all. Pretty much everyone (77% of all people) said that The Jungle Book is 🍅 ROTTEN so that tells you a lot about everyone’s kid movie interests.

Let’s take a look at one more Treeo’s results:

These results look pretty different from the last example because I really disagreed with the popular vote! I voted Justin Bieber into the 🔁 REPEAT category because, umm, I’m a Justin Bieber fan, but only 16% of people agreed with that choice. I did match up with the popular vote for the 🔀 SHUFFLE category with my Taylor Swift vote, but then I missed on the ⏩ SKIP vote by putting Adele there. As you can see, the top vote-getter in the ⏩ SKIP column was actually Justin Bieber, the person I put into the 🔁 REPEAT column! Only 20% of voters agreed with me to skip past Adele.

Below the popular vote results for a Treeo you’ll find the votes of the people you follow on Treeo, the creator of this Treeo’s vote, and then recent votes of people I don’t follow. All these votes are shown in comparison to your vote so you can see quickly who agreed and who disagreed.

Here are the votes from 3 people I follow on Treeo. At the top, I can see that I utterly and completely disagreed with Michael’s vote! He loves Adele and voted her into the 🔁 REPEAT group, whereas I put Justin in there.

The next row shows my friend Manuel’s vote, and he totally agreed with me! No need to show the photos here since they match up exactly with how I voted.

Next is Justin’s vote. We disagreed on the ⏩ SKIP and 🔁 REPEAT votes but agreed that Taylor Swift is just mediocre.

Now check out this vote row from my friend Jason on a different Treeo about food:

Notice anything a little different? Yup, the 🍽 EDIBLE and 😋 NOM NOM NOM emoji categories are red which means we disagreed but we disagreed in a special way: we flipped those 2 photos around! I put onion rings into the 🍽 EDIBLE category and mozzarella sticks into 😋 NOM NOM NOM and he did the opposite! Now when you see a vote row with the two flip-flop arrows, you’ll know exactly what it means.

Happy voting!

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