A play. Right?

I can’t spell entrepreneur. Faced with a form to complete at an airport recently I considered the ‘job title’ section; my pen hovered as I thought, winced and eventually panicked, reverting to ‘teacher’ rather than my new creative start-up status. It was no surprise that security checked my bags thoroughly that day! I also have problems with Tuesday, February and conscientious.

Oh — and there’s one more…


It’s unfortunate. As any teacher will know logic drives most of life’s most ‘creative’ spellers. My internal dictionary spelt the word as PLAYWRITE — ‘A person who WRITES PLAYS’ — PLAYWRITE!

My old friend and ally the red squiggly spellcheck line has pointed out my misconception on a far too regular basis. In recent weeks, I have become fastidiously over analytical in the editing phase of any email to teachers, writers and publishers. Is my spelling correct? Playwrite. No. Playright. No — playwright. Playwright? PLAYWRIGHT!

Having adopted various strategies to trick my brain into accuracy, there was a lightning bolt moment where I made my own unique cerebral connection! I finally got it! And it made so much sense. Logic had triumphed! In your face Spellcheck!

Here goes…

  1. In order to be a successful writer of plays the words on the page must be performed
  2. In order for the writer of plays to be able to write more plays the performances must be paid for by all those involved in giving the words life
  3. The writers must issue the right for their play to be performed. Plays need rights. Writers need rights. Right?

So that must mean…

Play + Writing + Rights = PLAYWRIGHT

Rights and writing are deeply embedded. Both different, yet both fundamental to the success of any writer.

TreePress is a platform that ensures our playwrights get recognition for their writing and performances. We’re looking for playwrights like you to help us shape and develop a new future, because both writing and rights need recognition. Both need attention. One cannot exist without the other.

It’s like spelling — it can take time to get your head around certain words but, once the light goes on — it makes perfect sense.

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