Introducing Polly Portfolio’s Enterprise Solutions for Investing

We are pleased to announce our two new service offerings for enterprise: Bespoke Custom Investing for wealth advisors and Sophograph for investment strategists. These two unique offerings further our mission of using technology to enable the best investment advice possible.

Bespoke Custom Investing

Our new offering for wealth advisory firms is designed to help your advisors effortlessly personalize investment proposals for each and every client. Engage with clients on highly relevant investing issues like their existing & held-away assets, investment philosophy, economic outlooks, and tax circumstances, and demonstrate your value by following through with individualized solutions you’ve built for them.

  • Show clients and prospects how you’re crafting a solution just for them, taking into account their held-away assets, tax circumstances, and investment philosophy
  • Engage your clients on market developments like Brexit, energy prices, or a slowing Chinese economy
  • Save time and reduce compliance risk by leveraging our portfolio customization and risk analytics technology
  • Keep using your existing financial planning, asset aggregation, and trade execution systems
  • Continue utilizing base strategies developed in-house or by third party portfolio strategists
An advisor portfolio builder dashboard from Bespoke Custom Investing by Polly Portfolio

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Our new offering for investment strategists brings powerful, professional-grade time series and model management capabilities to an off-the-shelf product. Some of the world’s most sophisticated investment firms have spent millions building proprietary systems to manage investment research—now, here’s yours.

Manage your forecasting models (e.g. “equity dividend discount rates increase with growth and inflation”) using our purpose-built system and get the following benefits:

  • Stop manually refreshing Excel spreadsheets or emailing models to colleagues to share analysis
  • Let economic and financial data feeds stream directly into your models
  • Come into work every day with your models automatically updated
  • Never get stuck again because the author of an Excel model is out on vacation
  • Get a built-in audit trail of changes to production models
  • Spend your time on higher-value idea generation instead spreadsheet wrangling
The Sophograph model management system gets your most valuable models out of Excel and into a purpose-built home.

For a very limited time (until November 30), get a free trial instance of Sophograph. Visit us here for more information.

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