App Review — Todoist (v 3.1)

Return :- One of the best task managers in the App Market.

I received a mail some 10 days back about the announcement of Todoist Next . 10 days back, I had been using wunderlist for managing my to-do lists.

After 10 days of use, the app suits me the best as compared to other apps.

So here is the review:


  1. Nice , simple and attractive UI
  2. Best multi-platform availability in the market.
  3. Feature for categorising tasks under different “Projects” with nice and simple sharing option with other users.
  4. Karma Points (A fun tool that analyzes who lazy you )
  5. Labels and Filters for tasks (PREMIUM MODE)
  6. Reminders for tasks (PREMIUM MODE)
  7. Some More Features (PREMIUM MODE)


  1. No external sync option available, e.g. google calendar.
  2. Repeating Tasks not very user friendly (for now at least)
  3. Not too many sharing features, hence not very useful for major projects… in that case, try something like Asana instead


  1. Wunderlist (Fails in: Not so good UI, Poor sharing in Free version)(Beats in: Some cool sharing options in premium mode)
  2. Asana (Fails in: Very complex UI not so good for personal use)(Beats in: Great for professional project management)
  3. Any.Do (Fails in: Not available for all platforms, smartphone specific)(Beats in: Equivalent simplicity, Good accompanying apps for android, Can be used by a smartphone-only user)


Fits best for a user intending to manage his tasks on a daily basis with possible sharing with friends.
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