Go for hybrid shopping

In this era where we are slaves of time , everything that is fast is like music to our senses.We are so obsessed with instant things that we invented a whole new world ranging from fast foods to speed dating . This compulsion has moved us towards fast fashion industry also commonly known as online shopping , where you can get your stuff in some. clicks cherishing your comfort zone with no hassles to spend any time that we struggle to save.

But , here I have a different perspective , although I acknowledge many positive pros of the online shopping but I have my share of bummers viz. Trousers which are inches shorter , t shirts with weird baggy fittings , colors that look terrible off screens etc . Whether we are tall , short , dark , fair , big or model bod we all have our shares of fitting problems which until now is very cumbersome to solve with online shopping.

Since we live a digital dual life , protecting our privacy also is a crucial task which I feel is jeopardised in online shopping as most of the vendors have your credit card informations and personal details.

I believe we should adopt hybrid shopping practices where there is a way to get the benefits of traditional brick and mortar shopping experience with the efficiency of online shopping , this way we can save time and also get involved with the community more often .

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