An airline lounge in the city. Fair paternity leave in Brazil. Video game promotions for blood donations.

Three innovations raising customer expectations!

Every day we receive news of the latest consumer-facing innovations from the TrendWatching Insight Network (tw:in), our global network of switched-on trend spotters.

We’re relentless about asking one question: how will this innovation change what customers expect?

Our obsession with that questions reflects the idea at the heart of our methodology. Namely, that disruptive new startups, products, services and marketing campaigns create new customer expectations. And once created, new expectations spread. For more see What is trend driven innovation?

TLDR? We watch innovations and identify the early signals on where customers are heading next!

Ready? Here are three more expectation-changing innovations.

Scandinavian Airlines
Airport lounge in the middle of the city

In May 2016, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) opened City Lounge: an airport style lounge in the center of Stockholm for frequent travelers. In collaboration with co-working company No 118 Office and Lounge, the space offers travelers free wifi, snacks, private workspaces and access to the No 118 gym. SAS EuroBonus Diamond members have free access to the lounge 24 hours before or after their SAS flight and can bring one guest, while at other times the space can be accessed for SEK 299 (USD 35).

The race to provide better customer service — and a true luxury service — is endless. But when consumers see an airline taking innovative steps to serve preferred customers, and partnering with a co-working space to help make that happen — they’ll start asking even more difficult questions of the other brands they engage with: ‘why can’t those brands understand my lifestyle that way?’

Beauty brand aims for gender equality with paternity leave policy

From June 2016, men working for Natura can take up to 40 days of paid paternity leave. The Brazilian beauty brand’s policy also applies in cases of adoption and to same-sex couples. The paternity leave policy is part of Natura’s aim to achieve gender equality, and fathers can also use their vacation allowance to extend time off to up to 70 days.

The values of your brand matter more to customers than ever. Why? Because proving they are ethical people has become a crucial part of the way consumers win in today’s diversified race for status. One way to show that your values align with theirs? Make positive changes to your internal culture, and tell the world about it.

Special Force 2
In-game promotion for blood donations

In April 2016, Special Force 2 gave players an extra in-game life if they responded to a poster shown during play promoting blood donation. Created by Asia Soft, the online videogame sees players battling zombies with friends or as a single player. The extra life reward is available in Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines.

It’s become commonplace to observe that the boundaries between the online and offline world have — for many consumers — become meaningless. But when consumers see this innovative play on those blurring boundaries, they’ll wonder why other brands can’t help ensure their digital lives have powerful real-world results: for themselves or others.

Remember, when looking at these innovations — and all innovations — it’s all about asking: what new customer expectations are these innovations creating? What will those expectations look like when they reach me? How can I innovate to meet them?

Until next week ;)

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