Instant flight delay compensation. Calling time on ‘leftover women’. Groceries straight to the fridge.

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Wirkaufen Deinenflug
Startup pays immediate compensation for delayed flights

February 2016 saw the launch of German startup Wirkaufen Deinenflug. The company pledges to pay immediate compensation of up to EUR 400 for any flight delays or cancelations that an individual may have experienced in the past three years. Wirkaufen Deinenflug works with a team of lawyers specializing in passenger rights to recover the money they pay out to users. Users simply their details of their flight delay online and receive a result within two minutes. The free service also ensures that all compensation is paid within 48 hours.

Value — including recovering lost time and money — is a fundamental desire that is as old as human nature. But when consumers see this innovative new way to recover the value they lost when a service went wrong, what will they start to expect from your brand when they have an issue or a complaint? Indeed, what will they expect from your customer service more broadly?

Skincare brand’s campaign challenges the idea of ‘leftover women’

April 2016 saw Chinese luxury skincare brand SK-II launch a campaign challenging the term ‘leftover women’: a derogatory name often used to shame unmarried Chinese women in their mid-twenties and older. The campaign included a four-minute film that allowed single women to tell their own story, and celebrated their independence and achievements. After the video notched up more than 11 million views worldwide, SK-II continued the debate in three films featuring in-depth interviews with the stars of the original film and their parents.

Rising numbers of consumers are looking to brands to challenge tired gender stereotypes, and empower women to achieve full equality. It’s a trend we’ve been tracking for a while now ;) These expectations continue to evolve, and to spread to new markets. So when consumers — from all around the world — see this Chinese skincare brand taking on a sexist stereotype with a film that is genuinely subtle and touching, how will they feel about your current marketing? About what you’re doing to empower women and girls? About the good you’re doing in the world? Food for thought!

ICA, PostNord & Glue
Groceries delivered straight to the customer’s fridge

Being piloted from April 2016, In-Fridge Delivery is a partnership between Swedish grocery etailer ICA, delivery provider PostNord and smartlock brand Glue. Once a customer has placed an order via ICA’s website, they can grant delivery staff access to their home via the Glue mobile app. The PostNord employee arriving with the groceries can then use their phone to unlock the customer’s home and place their order in the refrigerator.

Every now and then an innovation comes along that just nails an unaddressed pain point for customers. Yes, online delivery is great. But putting groceries in the fridge is so painful ;) Sure, your brand probably has nothing to do with groceries. But when your customers see innovations such as this, they’ll start wondering why your service doesn’t think about before, during and after, and mop up all pain points along the way. Customer expectations — they only move in one direction!

Remember, when looking at these innovations — and all innovations — it’s all about asking: what new customer expectations are these innovations creating? What will those expectations look like when they reach me? How can I innovate to meet them?

Until next week ;)

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