A Men’s Subscription Service That Shops For You; Stylist Included

Nicky Mandiola
Apr 30, 2018 · 2 min read
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Article featured on Forbes.com (3/12/18)


Between work commitments, family obligations, business trips, the gym, soccer practice, yard work, and myriad other obligations, the popularity of subscription services like Birchbox Man has surged, as guys find that it’s much easier to let a stylist or tastemaker find items they know you’ll like rather than take hours of their day to purchase it themselves. As these services get more popular, they’re getting better — and more affordable than ever.

Enter Trendy Butler. For $65 a month, you’ll receive a box of stylish duds — pants, shirts, casuals, socks, button-downs, and more, worth at least $150, delivered right to your front door. And right now through the end of March, take 50% off your first month — and get a free item — using the code FB50.

It’s easy. First, set up a style profile by selecting a bunch of clothes you really like from Trendy Butler’s online collection. Once you’re set up, Alfred — their human assisted AI — works with stylists to hand pick a selection of shirts, pants, jackets, hoodies, and more based on what you’ve chosen. Then it’s boxed up and shipped direct to you. If you like what you get, keep it; if you don’t, send it back for an exchange. Returns are a breeze. Best of all, all of your choices, selections and rejections, returns and exchanges, are tracked and saved to your profile, so the more you keep and send back, the more pinpointed to your personal style your profile will be.

No time to shop? No need to worry: Trendy Butler has got you covered in style.


Clothes for Men Who Have Better Things to Do Than Worry —…

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