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buildkit-machine: A brand new project to enable building/pushing container images without requiring a Docker Daemon based on BuildKit

  • Automatic garbage collection
  • Extendable frontend formats
  • Concurrent dependency resolution
  • Efficient instruction caching
  • Build cache import/export
  • Nested build job invocations
  • Distributed workers
  • Multiple output formats
  • Pluggable architecture
  • Execution without root privilege
{ "features": { "buildkit": true } }
$ docker run -d — name buildkitd — privileged moby/buildkit:latest$ export BUILDKIT_HOST=docker-container://buildkitd$ buildctl debug workers
$ go install
$ buildkit-machine start buildkitd --unix $(pwd)/buildkitd.sock
$ buildkit-machine start builtkitd --tcp 9999



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