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Distribute your Binaries hosted on a private GitLab repository with HomeBrew using GoReleaser 🎁🫣

# .goreleaser.yml
use_package_registry: true
?private_token={{ .Env.DOWNLOADER_TOKEN }}
brew tap pe-container/tools <private-gitlab-url>
brew install kcfgctl

⭐️Bonus: What did you do if your local package is not upgraded even if the new version of your project gets released?

# cd into the local repo
cd "$(brew --repo sjbonner/tap)"

# find out the latest commit locally
git log -s -1
# compare the commit with your remote repo

# if the repo is outdated, run
brew update

⭐️Bonus: What if I host my project on GitHub then what would be the solution to the same problem?




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